Investing in Pop Art

Sure you’ve got a cheeky Yayoi Kusama or two and you’re positively salivating at the consideration of ever owning one of those creepy Jeff Kloon ‘Made in Heaven’ pieces. Maybe you’re of the persuasion that the only truly worth-it piece of pop art to own would be Lichtensteins’ ‘Hopeless’ or a Warhol or a Hockney. But can you really sleep at night knowing you haven’t invested in the right pieces, you know, the ones by Georgie Watts ? Can you honestly look your children in the eyes knowing that their inheritance is sound because you have a Georgie Watts in the family vaults? I mean of course she’d be better on the wall, but alot of people would understand if you’ve had to store her away because, well, she talks alot.

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