Sindy Lippard Popped to My Private View and it was Mega

Sindy Lippard avec Mark Zuckerberg art at The White Cuboid Gallery

I’ve just finished letting those art industry insiders have a butchers round my new exhibition at The White Cuboid Gallery and was VERY CHUFFED to say the least that SIndy Lippard – YES SINDY LIPPARD! – turned up to give her views on what I’ve been up to lately.

She was pretty quiet as it happened and wherever she went there seemed to be some very cool late 80’s hip-house music playing from lord knows where, but she’s THAT COOL I’d expect nothing less and that sort of thing’s probably normal for her. I think she rather liked my Mark Zuckerberg being weed on by a council estate doggie, even though she kind of frowned in her face-frozen sort of way.

She said one thing to me the entire time, ‘It’s not brilliant but it’s not awful Georgina. Next time kindly remove that hoover from my nether regions.’


Anyway, I filmed her which she also appreciated immensely. I didn’t give a shit about anyone else.


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