Become a Patron! RAR!

Georgie Watts webbed toes foot fetish feet and art foot artist collage artist YOU LOVE IT

Sexy toe art action – GUARANTEED no hair!

 Not only do I make the best hand-cut collages known to humankind, but I also happen to possess the most exquisitely formed webbed toes ANYONE HAS EVER SEEN!   My patreon page therefore is suitable for anyone who a) loves collage works on paper and card and is keen to invest in true artistic beauty and/or b) has a soft spot for the bewitching webbed toes of a Goddess!

​​​If you want to be part of THIS EXTREME FUN, click on these words. Yes these ones.

£10 per month pledge is required for each of my Patrons to receive a personal digital photograph featuring my sexy webbed toes next to or enveloping a piece of my artwork or even more fun, an orgy of my artwork (whichever I decide at the time makes my bunion less obvious!) via the valid email address supplied, to do whatever lascivious things you wish with!  CAMERA CAVORTS AWAIT YOU!

£2,500 is the minimum pledge per individual per month to receive an ACTUAL ORIGINAL SIGNED ARTWORK PIECE OF MY CHOICE* (HOOOWWWWW EXCITING!!!!!) to your home wherever you are in the world.  ie.  you send me lots of cashito to the value of £2,500 per month and I will send you one piece of artwork of my choice to your home each month!   WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT THAN A GOOD OLD GAMBOL WITH YOUR VERY OWN PIECE OF GEORGIE WATTS???!!!?   *Webbed toes not included.

​If lots of people pledge small amounts and I reach £2,500 in total from all the smaller pledges, I will pick a piece of art and give it away to one of my smaller pledgees at random!   FUN AND FROLICS FOR ALL AND GUARANTEED NO HAIRY TOES OR YOUR MONEY BACK!!!!!!!!



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